The Form With a Brain 🧠
FastTrack isn't your average form – it asks smart follow-up questions, scores and summarises submissions, and zips them to a spreadsheet. Think of it as a sidekick that does all your screening homework, so you can focus on top talent.
Zero in on promising startups with smart insights, tailor-made for VCs and accelerators.
Streamline your hiring by summarizing candidate profiles and highlighting their talents.
How It Works
Adaptive Questions
FastTrack generates follow-up questions on the fly based on users' responses. It's like the form is having a chat with candidates.
Snapshot Profile
FastTrack shrinks each application into a crisp summary, with a score from 1 to 10. Say goodbye to the slog through boring applications.
Instant Results
FastTrack zips insights and responses to an Airtable (similar to Google Sheets), with the option to receive top profiles in your inbox.
Why Hop on FastTrack?
  • Save Time
    Time flies, but you're the pilot — and FastTrack is your copilot navigating the storm of submissions.
  • Crystal-Clear Insights
    Hire an AI detective to meticulously screen submissions. Magnifying glass not included.
  • Make Better Decisions
    Get X-ray vision to see through the fluff and uncover the gems.
Unlock the potential of FastTrack tailored to your needs – because even AI needs a human touch.
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  • FAQ
    Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Can applicants upload a PDF during the application?
    No, FastTrack does not support PDF uploads. However, applicants can share a link to their CV on LinkedIn, or to other documents hosted on Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Can the AI read and process a link provided by the applicant?
    No, the AI is not able to read a link. The system primarily analyses the textual responses given directly by the applicant.
  • How does the AI calculate an applicant's score?
    The AI scores applicants based on the quality and relevance of their responses. When we customise your form, we can direct the AI to focus on the factors that matter most to you.
Ready to FastTrack Your Hiring?
Hop on FastTrack today and start saving time. Board the no-headache express!